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Edema Treatment in Vancouver

Leg, Foot & Ankle Swelling

When blood flow slows down and blood pools in the deep veins of the leg, it can cause the lower leg, feet, and ankles to swell up. The medical term for this condition is edema. Edema is often (but not always) caused by venous insufficiency. While there are obvious cosmetic concerns that come with leg swelling, patients should also be aware of the more dangerous circulatory problems that can develop.

Swelling of the leg is a further sign that damaged or diseased vein valves are not functioning properly. Since the blood cannot be effectively returned to the heart, it pools in the leg resulting in higher than normal pressure (venous hypertension) and causes the leg to swell.

Symptoms of venous edema may include:

  • Swollen or puffy skin in the legs
  • Skin that appears stretched or shiny
  • Pits from pressing a finger in the skin that does not disappear immediately

Treatment & Management

If your case of edema is caused by a venous disorder, it means that the blood flow in your legs is not functioning properly. Mild cases of edema will usually go away on their own, but it is important to learn what caused the swelling in the first place so you can treat the underlying condition.

Treatments that can help you manage the symptoms of edema include:

  • Medication
  • Leg exercises that will restore blood flow
  • Elevating the legs while sleeping
  • Compression stockings to prevent further swelling
  • Dietary changes (cutting down on sodium is often helpful)

The most important treatment, however, is restoring proper blood flow in your legs. If your edema is caused by peripheral vascular disease or some other type of venous insufficiency, your risk of heart disease and other serious conditions will increase. Our experienced vein specialists at Vancouver Vein & Surgical Center can provide you with comprehensive treatment for edema and the underlying condition that caused it.

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