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Ultrasound-Guided Ligation in Vancouver

Treatment to Remove & Prevent Varicose Veins

Damaged veins can transform into thick, gnarled varicose veins that cannot pump blood back up the legs, leaving it to instead pool up in the veins. Ultrasound-guided ligation is a minimally invasive surgical treatment for varicose veins. In this procedure, the damaged veins are removed and tied off so that blood can no longer flower into them and reroute into healthier veins instead. This not only treats varicose veins but also reduces the risk of recurring varicose veins.

Ultrasound-guided ligation may be a valuable treatment option for you if:

  • Your legs regularly ache, swell, or feel heavy
  • You want to get rid of unsightly varicose veins
  • You are at risk of developing a venous ulcer
  • Have damaged veins that are connected to veins in important areas

Ultrasound-guided ligation is one of the vein treatments offered at Vancouver Vein & Surgical Center. Contact us online or call (360) 448-2047 to learn more.

The Procedure

Once the surgeon has identified the veins that need treatment, the area around the veins will be numbed with an anesthetic. One or more small incisions are made near the damaged veins. The damaged veins are then ligated (tied off) using small instruments. Some of the more damaged veins may be removed completely. When blood can no longer flow into the damaged veins, it will reroute to healthier veins that can successfully carry it back to the heart.

Ultrasound-guided ligation is usually used to treat large varicose veins and prevent the formation of venous ulcers. The procedure is minimally invasive and done on an outpatient procedure, meaning you can arrive at the clinic and return home the same day.

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